If you need English for private use, you have come to the right place.

Real English

You will learn how English is spoken and used in real-life, day-to-day situations. Focusing on the four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), you will practise conversation skills along with sharpening your grammar, vocabulary, idioms and pronunciation. We will focus on your specific wishes and topics of interest in order to best accommodate to your personal needs. The content can cover anything from Travel, Small talk, Movies, Politics or your kids’ English homework.

No matter what, the aim will be to speak, speak, speak.

“That’s just how it is” is not something you will hear from me

If you want to work on your grammar, I will be happy to help you with meaningful explanations and exercises specifically chosen for you, your level and the type of learner you are.



In one-on-one lessons the trainer can focus closely on the student’s language needs and accommodate to his/her learning style. The topics and pace of the training are designed to fulfill the student’s requirements and facilitate the learning process in the best possible manner.

Prices from 30€/6omin.

Mini groups

If you share your lesson with two or three friends or colleagues, you can save over 50% of the training costs.

What is more, mini group courses of two to four participants are an excellent option for those with a need to work on their general communication skills and are a very good way of practising general or business English in conversation. These courses focus on accuracy, fluency and communication skills in English.

The topics and course plan are negotiated with the members of the group. Whilst it is not always possible to focus on the individual needs of each member, most targets are usually catered to.

Prices from 12€ per person/60 min.

It will be fun. Just come and have a go!