Despite the rise of AI and online translation tools, personal contact remains a priority. Appropriate training for employees ensures successful communication. 

Business English lessons can focus on the vocabulary used in one or a series of business areas, e.g. Finance, Management, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, etc. or on the specific skills needed for typical business communication such as Presentations, Negotiations, Meetings, Telephoning, Emails, and many others. 


Regular sessions with a standing appointment or a flexible schedule.

Using a variety of methodologies, and engaging online and traditional activities, I select or write materials and prepare a course programme with a close focus on the company’s products and services as well as the participants’ needs.  This programme is often a guideline and can be altered during the training should the students wish to add or remove topics.

I design the courses to fit the needs of the participants. I do not ask the participants to try to fit the course. The training, with ample speaking activities, aims to increase confidence and develop fluency in order to equip the students with practical communication skills.



If you or your employees need intensive training to develop vocabulary and skills needed urgently in everyday work situations, a seminar is a very suitable option for you.

The seminars can cover almost any specialist area of English for groups of up to 10 participants with mixed business needs. Prices start from €250.

You can book a seminar focusing on one or more of the following business topics:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Business Correspondence
  • Finance
  • Job interviews
  • Meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Presentations
  • Socialising, networking, small talk
  • Telephoning

Format suggestions

1. 8:30 to 13 h  (incl. two 15 min. breaks)

2. 8:30 to 17 h (incl. three 15 min. and one 45min. break)

3. Two days 8:30 to 16 h (with breaks)

The training takes place online or at the company’s premises.

References and a detailed CV are available upon request.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.