As English is becoming increasingly important in the business world, companies are under pressure to provide appropriate training to employees in order to ensure successful communication. However, Business English means different things to different people, even within the same corporate field.

For some, it focuses on the vocabulary used in one or a series of business areas, e.g. Finance, Management, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, International Relations and so on. For others, it refers to the specific skills needed for typical business communication such as Presentations, Negotiations, Meetings, Telephoning, Small Talk, Entertaining, Correspondence, etc. These skills can be taught in all business areas and a course can focus intensively on one or several of these skills.

Using  a variety of methodologies and a personal approach, I analyse each participant’s needs through a placement test before the course,  select or write materials and prepare a course programme with a close focus on the company’s products and services.  This programme is often a guideline and can be altered during the training should  the students wish to add or remove topics.

I design the courses to fit the needs of the participants. I do not ask the participants to try to fit the course. The training, with ample speaking activities, aims to increase confidence and develop fluency in order to equip the students with practical communication skills.

The training takes place at the company’s premises. I provide all materials.

References and a detailed CV are available upon request.