In order to be successful in the Cambridge exams and the IELTS test you need to be familiarised with the format and develop techniques to master the different tasks. I will introduce you to the specific requirements of the sub-sections of the BEC, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS or TOEIC exams and will give you plenty of opportunity to practise.  You will learn valuable strategies and tricks how to avoid pitfalls and maximise results.

The specific skills targeted in each task will be discussed at length and relevant grammar and vocabulary exercises will be done in class. You will also be expected to do plenty of homework. I will show you how to approach the writing tasks and will give you ample practice opportunities with corrections and detailed feedback. Individual strengths and weaknesses will be analysed and additional preparation material will be provided. There will be plenty of practice tests as well as a “mock” speaking exam with feedback and help.You will also have the chance to assess your progress by completing official Cambridge sample tests.

For  more specific information on the exams please visit the official website.